Competence in all segments of industrial informatics.


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Tailored solutions or unique developments. to suit you most specific needs.

Industrial automation from the most experienced.

With 10 years of experience and substantial market knowledge about the Middle-European market, ApexLogic is a go-to provider is MES systems, including production tracking, labeling or quality control on semi/fulla auto inspection stations.

Why choose us?


With over 10 years of experience our staff is amongst the premiere experts of the field.


Our products and projects are constantly expanded by the newest cutting-edge technologies, while keeping them reliable, true and tried.


No matter if turnkey of unique systems, our team has solutions to all automation needs

One click away from total integration, no matter what device.

Our ApexLogic AWE workflow management system can organize even you most exotic hardware into and integrated, programmable system.

Do our turnkey packages not include your device? Our team will help you turn it into a user firendly module!